1 – Membership:
Membership consists of no more that 2 adult members over the age of 18 and their dependants. Membership renewal falls due on January 1st each year. Only paid members can attend meets and must have the current window sticker displayed.

2-Units: Members should ensure that their units are kept in a roadworthy condition and that they are legally entitled to be used in a public place also their appearance should not offend public opinion.

3 – Liability: 
The club will not accept liability whatsoever for persons or property of any members or others, camping or visiting with the Club.

4 – Steward:
A steward (steward can also mean an event committee or co-ordinator) will be appointed for each meet. The steward is responsible for all matters appertaining to the meet and his decision on all matters shall be final. Members must report to the Steward on upon arrival on site. The steward shall report in writing on any controversial decisions or contravention of rules.

5 – Rally fee:
Members may use any sites provided by the Club, subject to space being available, under direction of the steward and on payment of the appropriate fee as set down by the event organisers.

6 – Wet Conditions:
In wet conditions vehicle usage on site must be kept to a minimum and any direction by the steward concerning vehicle usage must be obeyed. A red flag will indicate that driving on site is not permitted and vehicles must be parked at the designated area.

7 – Waste Water:
Wastewater should be collected in an appropriate receptacle and not allowed to foul the ground around the unit. It should be disposed of at the nearest disposal point or emptied at the nearest ditch or hedge.

8 – Toilets:
All members must have their own Chemical Toilets and must arrange to facilitate their visitors. Toilets must not be washed out at drinking waste taps and only emptied at the appointed disposal area, as directed by the steward.

9 – Refuse:
Personal refuse must always be disposed of at the appointed place or if no provision has been made, refuse must be taken home for disposal.

10 – The Pitch:
Members wishing to be parked beside other members should arrive with those members, as it is not possible to hold pitches. The general rule is to park next in line, unless otherwise directed by the Steward. In the interest of safety a car space must be left between each unit. The Pitch allocated to you must always be kept neat and tidy and the area around it should be left as clean if not cleaner than it was found.

11 – Water Points:
Water points must not be used for personal washing, emptying or cleaning of toilet receptacles, washing of clothes or rinsing or washing of foodstuffs or utensils.

12 – Firearms:
The use of guns, bows and Arrows, sheath knives, catapults, or darts are strictly forbidden on all Club Meets.

13 – Fires:
Fires shall not be lit on Sites used by the Club, under any circumstances, without the express permission of the steward.

14 – Fire Risks:
Members are advised to always carry a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and/or a fire blanket in their unit. These should be regularly inspected to ensure their usefulness in an emergency.

15 – Pets:
Pet owners are responsible for their pets at all times. They must be kept under such control as not to cause annoyance to other members. Dogs must be kept on a lead and not allowed run loose on site. Any fouling must be cleaned up immediately by the handler. Pets considered by the steward to be dangerous will not be permitted on site.

Site Management rules concerning pets must be adhered to at all times.

16 – Noise:
The use of radios, CD players, musical instruments shall only be allowed so long as no annoyance is caused to other campers or neighbours. There shall be no undue noise on site between midnight and 09.00am. Electrical generators may only be used between the hours of 10.00am to 8.00pm.

17 – Visitors:
Persons visiting members on site must abide by the Club rules and site management rules. Visitor vehicles must always be parked as directed by the steward.

18 – Trespassing:
The wishes and rights of owners of lands and water adjacent to sites being used by the Club, must be respected at all times. Members are expected to adopt the “Country Code” relating to water cleanliness, fire dangers, litter, gates, control of dogs, damage to crops, hedges, walls, trees and plants and wildlife.

19 – Parental Control:
Parental control must be exercised over children at all times. Parents are reminded of the dangers of leaving young children unsupervised in caravans. Their safety and behaviour, wherever they are on site, remain the responsibility of the parents or guardian.

20 – Club Reputation:
The spirit of caravanning is based upon consideration for other people. The conduct by members, their families or visitors on club meets or events must not be prejudicial to the good reputation of the club. Therefore behavior such as pilferage, fighting, striking another member, damaging another member’s property or the property of the site owner is unacceptable.

21 – Complaints:
If a member has a complaint concerning a rally he/she should in the first instance raise this with the Steward / co-ordinator. If the complaint is not resolved to the member’ satisfaction he/she should then put the complaint in writing to the branch Secretary so that it can be investigated fully.

22 – Constitution:
All members should make themselves familiar with the Club’s Constitution.

23 – Interpretation:
Interpretation or any questions arising which are not provided for in these rules, shall be decided by ICCC National Council