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The F.I.C.C. is a worldwide organisation that concentrates solely on defending interests of camping and caravanning. The F.I.C.C. was originally established in 1933 for the mutual benefit of a number of European camping clubs. Today it represent 58 member clubs and federations in 34 different countries on four continents.

The Irish Camping & Caravan club is affiliated to the FICC and probably one of the best known of the activities are it’s annual international camping and caravanning rallies. Previous & future FICC International rallies as follows: Belgium 2002, Spain 2003, Finland 2004, Italy 2005, Poland 2006, Ireland 2007, Korea 2008, UK 2009, Croatia 2010, Czech Republic 2011, Canada 2012, Poland 2013, China/Finland 2014, Croatia/Korea 2015, Portugal 2016, Turkey/Taiwan 2017, Berlin 2018.

FICC Berlin International Rally (27th July – 4th August 2018)

Dermott McElmeel and Linda Leech have been looking at the different ways that members can travel to the FICC rally in Berlin.  Dermott has looked at ferry prices and Linda has looked at flying to Berlin and hiring a caravan.  Thanks also to Joe Martin, Martin Gavan, Harry Allen and Pat Carey for their help to date.

Driving to Berlin (by Dermott McElmeel)

Berlin is a long way from Ireland.  Depending on your route, you could be travelling up to 822 miles (1,322 km) each way.  Realistically, it will take 4 days to drive to the rally and cost about €240 on diesel and €80 on tolls (each way).  Toll free roads are available.  We hope to have recommended sites for group stop offs.

Ferry Crossings

The map shows the huge range of possible ferry crossings to Berlin.  Which route you choose will depend on whether cost, driving or time is the main issue for you.

Ferry Discount

Once we know how many people are going to Berlin, we will ask the ferry companies for a “special rally rate”.  In the meantime, we recommend that you consider the following options when calculating the cost of your ferry:

  • Landbridge Combined Offers. Both Stena and Irish Ferries offer a discounted “landbridge fare” to people booking both ferries (at the same time) when travelling from Ireland to the continent via England.  Their websites are

  • ICCC Ferry Discount. ICCC members get 10% discount on Stena Line; and on Irish Ferries we get 5% to France and 10% to UK (excludes NI)
  • UK Camping and Caravan club. This club will let non-members use their travel company for a £20 booking fee.  They also have a lot of small stop-over sites across England (from £8 per night).
  • Book Early. Often the discounts available to people who book early with the ferry companies are better that those anywhere else.  I suggest that you subscribe to their newsletters and follow them on Facebook.

Flying to Berlin and hiring a caravan (by Linda Leech)

For anyone who has never been to an international rally – it is a trip well worth taking.  It is an experience that you will never forget and it will stay in your children’s memory for a lifetime.  I hope that lots of our members will join us and that we will have a vast representation from Ireland to what looks to be a fabulous Rally.

For those of us that wouldn’t have enough time to drive to Berlin, I have enquired about renting caravans on site at the rally.  We can then just fly directly to Berlin.  The rally organisers will provide the caravan and all bedding and equipment needed for your stay.  The cost is €975 for the hire of the caravan for the 8 nights.  This is based on 2 adults, and also you can put up tents.

This is the only price they have given me to date so as soon as I get prices for bigger units I will let you know.  I cannot get an accurate price for the flights yet, as it is too far ahead.  But it will be approx. €100 per person return.   If anyone wants to go online and look at the fabulous venue and amenities and excursions that are planned the website is  As soon as I have any more information I will let you know.

Savings Scheme

There has been talk about setting up a “savings scheme” to help with the cost of travelling to Berlin.  But we have been advised that the collecting of funds or savings will have to be a private matter.  And if a group of friends decide to go ahead with a savings scheme, then it MUST be between the members themselves and NOT involve the club.  Otherwise it might come under the regulatory authority.

Berlin 2018 – Rally fees (8 nights)

Fees have not been announced yet, but they are expected to be similar to those charged at recent FICC rallies.  In Portugal (2016) the fees were Adult (18+) = €120, Juniors (12-17yrs) = €60 and Children (<12) = free.  Electricity is €35.00.

Level of Interest

We need to know how many people are likely to go to Berlin.  Anyone wishing to go should give us an indication by emailing Brian Howe at To-date about 10 families have said that they have decided to go.  Once we get firmer numbers, we plan to hold a meeting of everyone going to Berlin to discuss ways to make the adventure as enjoyable as possible.

FICC France 2019 

The 2019 FICC Rally is being held in France.  The venue is the town of Châteaubriant, which is situated at the point where Brittany and the Loire region meet. The town has a population of 12,500

FICC France 2020 

The 2020 FICC Rally is being held in Rome / Italy.

FICC Ireland 2021

If Ireland is to host the FICC in 2021, then we must make our bid in Berlin next year.  Hosting an FICC rally is a huge undertaking and would only be possible if there was widespread support among our members to do so.

ICCC Facebook Page

Members are asked to continue watch this page and the Club Facebook Page for more information.  As soon as we have any more information, we will let you know.

FICC 2007 – Millstreet Ireland

In 2007, Millstreet, County Cork played host to the 73rd International Camping and Caravanning in the event’s third visit to Ireland. With 37 camping and caravanning clubs from 22 different countries attending, 1,360 units, that is over 3200 visitors have descended upon Millstreet for the duration of this 12-day rally. The Irish Camping and Caravan Club, who played host to the event, are hoping the rally will help to promote and develop the camping and caravanning sector while fostering a real interest in a healthy outdoor lifestyle.

The people and businesses of Millstreet added hugely to the event with their level of hospitality and goodwill shown to the visitors. Providing a wonderful opportunity to extend a traditional Irish welcome to all our like-minded overseas visitors, the rally organisers hope the event will provide a unique platform to promote the Irish Camping & Caravanning sector and Ireland as a quality caravanning destination.

Check out – for the latest on FICC International Rallies


Youth Rallies

The principal International FICC Youth Rally is held every Easter. The FICC Youth Rallies are intended to enable campers aged between 18 and 30 years old from all countries of the world get together and form bonds of friendship. The rallies take place in a different country of the FICC each year and the country to organise the Rally is appointed by the FICC Youth Commission.

The main objective of an FICC Youth Rally is to further friendship among young campers from all around the world and the camping event normally has a program of cultural, tourist, and sporting activities to meet this objective. In recent years the ICCC are delighted to have had a number of our younger club members in attendance.